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New product pricing strategies

The word product mix already carries a sense that the total mixture of the company product in a single product line. Pricing is difficult for all companies because there’s varieties number of buyers who have a different need. Companies always face different degrees of competition between demand & costs. Now, …

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Important steps for the personal selling process

  The personal selling is the most effective way to sell your products.  It is a way to sell your product after meeting with customer face to face. The salesperson promotes the product through their appearance, attitude & product knowledge. They try to encourage the customer to buy their product. …

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The Promotion Mix

If a company wants to build a good customer relationship, it needs to develop a good product.  Its also need to make pricing attractively, & make it available to target customers. A company must promise to deliver the right value propositions to customers. In this case, companies need to good …

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Market Leader Strategies – Complete Explanation

Almost every company follow a market leader who has the largest market share.  Usually, the leader leads the other firms in new product developments, price changes. Distribution systems & promotion event. However,  The leader may not be respected by others. But others may concede its dominance. Companies only follow the …

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