Definition, functions, and the importance of Business Law

What is business law?Business law refers to a set of laws governing the following – Rights Relations Conduct of persons Companies Organizations And businesses. Business law is the practice of law relating to corporations. It means that law relates to the matters which derive directly from the corporation. Thus, it encompasses the formation, funding, governance, […]

Importance of international trade

What is international trade? Trade across national boundaries occurs when consumers in different countries want or need to buy different products. Besides, Global commerce is more difficult to execute than local trade. When two or more countries engage in commerce, many factors come into play, including the relative strengths of their currencies, economic policies, legal […]

Differences between Domestic trade and International trade?

Before going to learn about the differences between domestic and international trade, you have to learn about international trade and domestic trade-in details. What is international trade? Trade that takes place in two and more countries is known as international trade.  No country is perfect from the economic side. No man can produce his/her essential […]

Why is International trade insurance important??

What is insurance? Insurance is a form of risk management by which a company undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified losses such as damages, illness, accident, death, etc. the company takes these risks in return for the payment of a specified premium. The company or person who provides insurance is known as […]

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