In Market Audiences Would be Suited to Reach Which User

What are in-market audiences? It’s possible to locate people that are actively contemplating purchasing something like your product or service as they surf the web using in-market audiences. Audiences in the market can be divided into high-level categories – Clothes and accessories are included in this category. What does the phrase “in-market advertising” refer to? […]

CRM means customer relationship management

Table of contents How do you measure the success of sales? What is the best way to gauge CRM’s effectiveness? Building right customer with right time How can market research be used to improve customer service? What are the best ways to measure customer relationship management (CRM)? Why do we need to track customer relationships? […]

Types of Social Marketing

Types of social marketing: Before knowing types of social marketing , we have to know ” what is social marketing”? There are five types of social marketing. Such as – Not-for-profit marketing Cause-related marketing Pro-social marketing Societal marketing Corporate philanthropy           Not-for-profit marketing:           It refers to non-profit organizations that use marketing to achieve their […]

Characteristics of foreign trade

Some important characteristics of foreign trade are described below: Exportation of raw materials : The main characteristics of foreign trade are exporting raw materials. The maximum number of exporting trade comes from raw materials and agricultural goods. Such as raw jute, fish, tobacco, tea, leather, etc. Importation of industrial products: Another characteristic of foreign trade […]

Market segment and effective targeting

All consumers are not the same. They are different in their needs, wants and demands. However, there are some other factors that may vary. These are- different backgrounds, education levels, experiences. Therefore, marketers offer different types of alternatives goods that can satisfy the consumer’s desires. As a result, marketers do the market segment and effective […]

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is an important factor for every company. The satisfied and delighted customers keep purchasing the products from the same brands. These types of satisfied customers provide a positive and encouraging word of mouth to others. In contrast, who are not satisfied with the brands can spread negative word of mouth. Some […]

Rules regarding delivery

Delivery means the transfer of ownership from one person to another person. It is voluntary dispossession of goods in favor of another. However, The parties determined the mode of possession. Whatever Delivery has three forms. Such as – Actual delivery Actual delivery occurs when goods are delivered. In broadly, when goods are physically handed over […]

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