What is Artificial Intelligence? Definition, Examples, and limitations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is how computers mimic human abilities such as language, reasoning, and wisdom. How can we put this on easy terms? Let me put this in simplified terms so that the common reader can understand. For a better definition and types and uses of AI, Please check What is artificial intelligence? Definition,Types and […]

5 Important uses of AI in Marketing for USA Based Company

A good plan can be more effective in getting success of any business. So before leveraging AI in marketing campaigns and operations for USA Based Company, it is important to begin with a proper plan. Besides, a good plan helps to reduce marketing cost and achieve more value from AI investment. Therefore, there are some […]

Advantages and disadvantages of AI | Is Artificial intelligence helpful ?

Artificial intelligence is programmed to act like human brains. besides, it is associated with the human mind as decision making and problem-solving. In short, artificial intelligence is machine intelligence which can act like the human brain quickly in computer systems. Some specific application of artificial intelligence are – Natural language processing Expert systems Machine version […]

What is artificial intelligence ? Definition ,Types and uses of AI

What is artificial intelligence ( AI ) In maximum time, when people learn about Artificial intelligence, they usually think about robots. Initially, they believe that it can work more quickly than human being and quickly responds in any kind of problem solving . So, now we need to understand what is Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence […]

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