Demographic marketing

What is demographics marketing? Demography examines groups of people or businesses in a specific area to learn more about them and their shared traits. With more data, more individuals and businesses can be categorized into subsets sharing commonalities. Demographic marketing is a subset that divides a target market into subsets with similar characteristics. You can […]

Marketing Research Proposal

A research proposal should be written once the study’s design, timeline, and budget have been finalized. The researcher and management agree that the marketing research proposal details the project’s primary goals and objectives. So, Everything from the initial brainstorming through the final report is included in the study proposal. Besides, the marketing research proposal explains […]

Differences between Exploratory and Conclusive Research

What is research design? The research design is the overall plan for the marketing study. It describes the steps to gather data to formulate hypotheses or resolve marketing research issues. The following are typical parts of or responsibilities associated with a research design. Let’s see- 1. Specify what data is required 2. Develop a plan […]

Importance of Food Marketing

Food marketing is related to all business activities. Because it is said that “marketing is everything and everything is marketing”. Some people associate food marketing with everything that happens outside the farm gate. Do you agree or disagree? I am entirely agreed with this statement. Please, let e explain it. We all know that the […]

The Marketing Channel of Dairy Products

Marketing Channel: There are two types of marketing channels for dairy products. The first one is  Fluid milk channels and the second one is Processed dairy product channels Fluid milk channels: Fluid milk marketing methods have changed considerably over the years. In the 1930s, over 75 percent of all milk was home-delivered. Sometimes, we can see that […]

What is Food marketing?

How would you explain food marketing to someone who is unfamiliar with this subject? Food marketing basically comes after farm marketing. It involves all activities of all areas of food products and services from producers to customers. Our food industry is mainly shaped by three players. Food producers: The rural farmers are playing this role as […]

Explain the food marketing process – The changing food marketing systems

Food marketing involves the initial point of production to distribution until they reach the ultimate consumer. There are two essential characteristics that help the food marketing systems. One is the marketing process which is a series of actions and events that takes place in some sequence. Another one is the coordination forms of this series […]

Define Agricultural Marketing – What is Agricultural Marketing?

Agricultural marketing means different things to different people.  Agricultural marketing may refer to daily, weekly, or monthly food shopping for the customer. At the primary stage, the farmers deal with local farm product buyers. Then the farmer may associate marketing with loading the products into the pickup for the trip to the market. Sometimes, they […]

Explanation of food marketing management

Food marketing management :The three approaches to food marketing are functional, institutional, and behavioral systems approaches are really important for understanding food marketing management. It helps us to understand the major forces that shaped the organizations of the food marketing system.Besides it also helps to understand how it is changing overnight. However, one may feel […]

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