Explanation of Price Elasticity of Demand Milk & Dairy Product:

In the case of farm products: The elasticity of demand for fluid products is lower than for processed dairy products. Milk is the main raw material of the milk and dairy farm. If the price of this raw material reduces a small portion, the demand will not be so much changed. The food processor needs […]

Basics of marketing information systems ( MIS with diagram )

What is MIS or marketing information systems ?The full form of MIS is management or marketing information systems. It is the combination of technology, people and business procedures so that the information can store, record to produce further information. Marketing information systems ( MIS ) helps a decisions maker to take a better decision. In […]

The role of IT in an organization

What is information technology? IT is the process of using any computers, storage, networking, and their physical evidence, infrastructure, and processes. These processes help to create, process, store, secure, and exchange all forms of electronic data. Information technology plays an important role in the organization or company. IT is all about managing the organization. Managing […]

Inventory Financing Companies

What is inventory financing? To pay your suppliers and generate inventory, you may consider applying for inventory finance, which can take the form of a short-term loan, a line of credit, or money secured by your inventory. Traditional banks, inventory financing businesses, and online lenders are all potential sources of financing. As one of the […]

Explanation of Institutional and government markets

There are two types of markets. Like-• Institutional markets• Government marketsHere, we’ll discuss the buying practices of Institutional and Government organizations. Whatever, these two have different characteristics and needs. Now, see the discussion. Explore more on – Digital Marketing White Paper Institutional markets Schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other organizations that provide goods and services […]

Which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?

When it comes to digital brand awareness, what exactly is it? By promoting your brand on social media and distributing content on digital platforms, a digital brand awareness campaign aims to raise awareness of your company. Besides, You can expect a higher conversion rate with a larger audience as people become aware of your brand. […]

The Concept of Exchange

Exchanging goods and services There are Two parties in exchange . They can offers something that the other party would find valuable. Besides, each party can communicate and deliver; each party can accept or reject the offer; each party believes it is proper or desirable to engage with the other party. What is the purpose […]

Housing Market Predictions

During the housing boom, many real estate sectors predicted that inventory levels would begin to stabilize. That’s what people were hoping would happen after the expiration of the COVID-19 mortgage forbearance provisions. But at the same time, buyers would begin to resist sky-high price. Instead, the number of homes on the market continued to fall. […]

Marketing Automation Strategies for Sustaining Success

What is a marketing automation strategy? The term “marketing automation” refers to any program used to automate marketing activities. Its software designed to help you with several marketing chores, from sending follow-up emails to posting updates on social media. Marketing professionals throughout the world are finding it quite useful. Another fantastic marketing automation example is […]

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