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Achieve a strategic fit in supply chain management

A company needs to take some steps to achieve a strategic fit between the supply chain and competitive strategies. These strategies may be implicated or explicated or one or more customer segments. So that the company can satisfy these segments. At first, a company should ensure its supply chain capabilities …

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Rights of the buyer and seller of the goods

There are some specific rights of the buyer and seller of the goods. These are really very important for maintaining the business relationship between them.  Both are equally responsible for any mistake or misbehave. So, at first, we will learn about the rights of the buyer of the goods. Let’s …

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Marketing as a value-added process- Four marketing utilities.

Production is the process of making useful goods and services. It also considered the creation of the utility. However, Some utilities are forming utility, place utility, time utility and possession utility. These utilities are created in the productive processes. Moreover, This is considered “marketing as a value-added process”. Form utility: …

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Stages of the business buying process

The business buying process The below figure shows that the business buying process has eight stages. All buyers go through this stages. See the figure:- Here, you’ll find eight major steps of the business buying process. Usually, a new buyer goes through these stages. Buyers may make straight, modified, in …

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Explanation of Institutional and government markets

There are two types of market. Like- • Institutional markets • Government markets Here, we’ll discuss the buying practices of Institutional and Government organizations. Whatever, these two have different characteristics and needs. Now, see the discussion. Institutional markets Schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing home, prisons and other organizations that provide goods …

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Basics of marketing information systems ( MIS with diagram )

What is MIS or marketing information systems ? The full form of MIS is management or marketing information systems. It is the combination of technology, people and business procedures so that the information can store, record to produce further information. Marketing information systems ( MIS ) helps a decisions maker …

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Best Guideline for setting up your own Business

Innovative ideas to gain customer satisfaction

The process of trading goods or services by money is commonly known as business.This process involves money is the basic need for exchange performed by the business people and consumers.Setting up your own business is a tedious process.You must have to set Clear Vision for profitable business. Always keep in …

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