The problems associating with the farm marketing

You already learn about the characteristics of agricultural products and production. Now, you have to learn about the problems associated with farm marketing. If you clearly observe farm marketing, you can see that farmers are facing so many problems. Now, I‘m telling you about it. At first, farmers face unstable and relatively low farm prices […]

Identify the major factors that influence business buyer behavior.

Business buyer behavior At all levels, marketers want to know how business buyers will respond to their marketing strategies. See the figure:- In this figure, we can see that marketing and other factors affect the buyers buying decisions; this produces a certain buyer response. Marketers must understand the figure. In the organization, there is a […]

Stages of the business buying process

The business buying process The below figure shows that the business buying process has eight stages. All buyers go through this stage. See the figure:- Here, you’ll find eight major steps of the business buying process. Usually, a new buyer goes through these stages. Buyers may make straight, modified, contrast purchasing decisions. Now, we’re going […]

Discuss the business portfolio

A business portfolio is a total collection of businesses & products that make up the company. Selecting the company’s mission & objectives, the manager goes for making the plan of a portfolio. However, Business portfolio defines what’s the company’s strength & weakness to opportunities in the environment.Further, A company should maintain an easy portfolio & […]

Why competition is so important in food and agricultural markets?

If you want to find out the answer to this question, “Why competition is so important in food and agricultural markets” then at first you have to know what is competition? Competition means “do something better or new than your competitors”. Besides, competition plays important roles in our life as well as the market economy. […]

JPM asset management guide to the markets

J.P. Morgan Asset Management With $2.6 trillion in assets, J.P. Morgan Asset Management ranks among the top investment firms in the world. Institutional investors, retail investors, and high-net-worth individuals from every significant market in the world are among J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s clientele. Besides, some of the investment types that J.P. Morgan Asset Management can […]

Four Steps of company-wide strategic planning with a full explanation

Most successful companies developed strongly customer-driven marketing strategies and programs that create customer value and relationships. Every organization has its own marketing plan. But most companies are guided by the following Four Steps of Strategic Planning & programs that must be customer focused. 1. Defining Marketing’s role: Each organization and company developed a plan for […]

The importance of information in gaining insights about the marketplace and customers.

Marketers are always wanted to create value for customers & build meaningful relationships with them.For this, marketers first need to gain fresh, deep insights into what customers need & want. These types of customer insights come from good marketing information. The company developed a competitive advantage in using these customer insights. Marketers know well that […]

Explanation of Channel Management decisions

What are Channel management decisions in marketing? Channel management is a common term in the world of sales and marketing. It’s how businesses create and implement various marketing and sales strategies to attract the most significant potential consumer base. Marketing and sales channels are simply different paths to take. Gather knowledge on – integrated marketing communications […]

Classification of market structure

In the modern business world, We can see several forms of competition. It is known as the Classification of market structure. such as: Product competition: It refers to competition between alternative or substitute products such as Coca-Cola can compete with Pepsi, Fanta etc. Firm competition: firms are competing with local sellers of similar products. Brand competition: […]

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