Is boosting market legit

Yes. Boosting the market is legit. In my opinion, expanding the market would be a good idea. Besides, there are several reasons behind my arguments.  Let’s investigate them. Before exploring it, you have to understand what boost marketing is. Boost marketing is also known as amplification marketing. Essentially, it’s a strategy for enlarging your brand’s […]

6 tips to measure the effectiveness of CRM

There are 6 tips to measure the effectiveness of CRM. Let’s explore it. 1. Rate of churn The churn rate is always fearsome. This indicator reveals the frequency with which customers abandon a purchase. In other words, it’s the polar opposite of how well your customers remember you. However, you can divide the number of […]

The objective of supply chain management

The objective of supply chain management is to maximize the overall value generated. A supply chain surplus is found here. Usually, a Supply chain generates is the differences between the value of a final product to customers and the cost associated with the supply chain.  Besides, the entire supply chain works to fulfilling the customer’s request. […]

6 Recent trends influencing the supply chain around the world

There are 6 recent trends influencing the supply chain around the world. Besides,  Technology has brought a revolutionary change in our life along with business organization. The most influential change we found was in supply chain management. Let’s see some recent trends influencing the supply chain around the world. Proliferation in the product line Proliferation […]

The importance of supply chain decisions

The importance of supply chain decisions can’t describe in a word. There is a close connection between the design and management of supply chain flows.  Besides, the successes of the supply chain also depend on it and the three supply chain decision phases. In supply chain management, all parties are directly or indirectly involved with […]

The importance of IT in an organization

What is IT (Information Technology)? IT is a component of ICT infrastructure. Besides, Information technology is the use of computers too – Create, Process, Store, Retrieve, Exchange various types of data and Information. However, IT is often employed in the context of commercial activities just like personal or entertainment technology. Why is Information Technology important […]

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is an important factors for every company. The satisfied and delighted customers keep purchasing the products from the same brands. These types of satisfied customers provide positive and encouraging word of mouth to others. In contrast, those who are not satisfied with the brands can spread negative word of mouth. Some […]

The problems associating with the farm marketing

You already learn about the characteristics of agricultural products and production. Now, you have to learn about the problems associated with farm marketing. If you clearly observe farm marketing, you can see that farmers are facing so many problems. Now, I‘m telling you about it. At first, farmers face unstable and relatively low farm prices […]

Identify the major factors that influence business buyer behavior.

Business buyer behavior At all levels, marketers want to know how business buyers will respond to their marketing strategies. See the figure:- In this figure, we can see that marketing and other factors affect the buyers buying decisions; this produces a certain buyer response. Marketers must understand the figure. In the organization, there is a […]

Stages of the business buying process

The business buying process The below figure shows that the business buying process has eight stages. All buyers go through this stage. See the figure:- Here, you’ll find eight major steps of the business buying process. Usually, a new buyer goes through these stages. Buyers may make straight, modified, contrast purchasing decisions. Now, we’re going […]

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