The characteristics of a farming and agricultural products production

If you’re thinking about producing agricultural goods, first you have to learn the characteristics of agricultural products and production. Before producing any product, you have to identify some important questions. These are – What do your consumers want? Where you will sell these products? How you will sell it? What are the values of your […]

What are the Characteristics of the mixed economic system?

It is a common misconception that a mixed economy is a hybrid of capitalism and socialism. In existence, it’s an economic model in which the government controls some or most of the process of production. The ownership percentage varies from country to country, but the government typically controls important industries like utilities, transportation, and communication […]

Housing Market Predictions

During the housing boom, many real estate sectors predicted that inventory levels would begin to stabilize. That’s what people were hoping would happen after the expiration of the COVID-19 mortgage forbearance provisions. But at the same time, buyers would begin to resist sky-high price. Instead, the number of homes on the market continued to fall. […]

Differences between commercial and social marketing

A CONSUMER ORIENTATION (THE ‘MARKETING CONCEPT’) It is also known as “the marketing concept” because of its focus on the client’s needs. A consumer-oriented organization is contrasted with a manufacturing, product, or sales-oriented organization. – Focusing on the seller’s needs rather than the buyer’s, these orientations (Kotler 1988 ). In contrast, a focus on the […]

What is a benefit to monitoring asset performance from claims?

What is asset performance management? Data capture, integration, visualization, and analytics are all a part of asset performance management (APM), which is designed to improve the reliability and availability of physical assets. So, what are the primary advantages of keeping track of asset performance based on claim information? In general, you use Content ID to […]

What is BlockChain? Defination, Advantages and Disadvantages, Opportunities and How does it works ?

Where can I find an explanation of blockchain in simple terms? Changing, hacking, or cheating the blockchain is difficult or impossible. A blockchain is a digital database of transactions replicated and distributed across the full network of computers on the blockchain.A Google Doc can be used as a basic analogy to help explain the workings […]

Best Guideline for setting up your own Business

The process of trading goods or services by money is commonly known as business.This process involves money is the basic need for exchange performed by the business people and consumers.Setting up your own business is a tedious process.You must have to set Clear Vision for profitable business. Always keep in mind, Starters will learn to […]

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