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Explanation of food marketing

How would you explain food marketing to someone who is unfamiliar with this subject? Food marketing basically comes after farm marketing. It involves all activities of all areas of food products and services from producers to customers. Our food industry is mainly shaped by three players. Food producers: The rural farmers …

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Explain food marketing process – The changing food marketing systems

The food marketing involves in the initial point of production to distribution until they reach the ultimate consumer. There are two essential characteristics that help the food marketing systems. One is the marketing process which is a series of actions and events that takes place in some sequence. Another one …

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Explanation of how business markets differ from customer markets.

Like many well-known business organizations, they sell their product to other business organization.  Even in consumer products companies also sell most of their product in other businesses. This way refers to business buyer behavior of any organization. This organization buys goods & services for further process, sold, rented or supplied …

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Conditions of existence of market economy

Food marketing in the market economy is one kind of general marketing approaches. Thatis applied in the market for making the goods and services available for all. However, Food marketing also uses segmentation, differentiation, test marketing, positioning, branding, targeting research and development strategies etc. Besides, Food marketing often faces damages …

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Channel Behavior & Types of Organization

People & companies interact in complex behavioral systems. Distribution channels are the more simple collection of firms. Some channels member have interacted in a more informal way, other may interact in a formal way. Moreover, the channel system doesn’t stand still for anyone. The new member comes & operate the …

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