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Characteristics of focus groups

The Focus group is representative of some homogeneous people. It is one kind of interview conducted by a moderator. The moderator leads the discussion and tries to find out the insight of some target market by discussing a specific topic. However, the focus group has some characteristics. The characteristics of …

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The variations of Focus groups

Focus groups can use various variations of the procedure. At first,  participants are asked a frequent question to bring at least 3 or 4 items that represent their ideal environment. So let’s see some variations of focus groups. Two way focus group This type of focus group allows for two-way …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus groups

There are so many advantages of Focus groups along with data collection techniques. These are described below- Synergism Putting a group of people together can generate a wide range of information and ideas than individuals. Focus groups can provide clear insight into the response 2. Snowballing  It is a bandwagon effect. …

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What are the primary differences between qualitative and quantitative research techniques ?

Marketing research: The functions that link the customer, consumer, and public through information are typically known as marketing research. It has two categories. Such as – Qualitative researchQuantitative research Qualitative research Qualitative research is research that provides insights and understanding of the problem set is known as qualitative research. Quantitative …

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