Measures to control inflation          

The following measures are needed to take to control inflation and reduce goods prices.

  1. Increased production

To reduce inflation, it is important to increase production in a country. Besides, the use of better quality seeds, fertilizer, and better water supply can increase production. The production in the industrial sector can increase by using needed materials, types of machinery, and enough capital. Thus this way, the increase in production in the industrial and agricultural sectors can reduce the pressure of inflation.

  1. Reduce deficit balanced

To reduce the pressure of inflation, it needs to boycott the policy of deficit financing. The pressure of inflation and the price of goods increased due to deficit financing for many countries after becoming independent. Thus, it’s important to boycott deficit financing to reduce inflation

  1. Open export policy

Enough food and other necessities need to export from abroad through open export policy to reduce inflation.  The local production in a country is not enough for the country’s needs. That’s why open export publicity helps to export more goods from abroad. As a result, pressure over-inflation may reduce.

  1. Reduce food deficit

To reduce inflation and price hike, we need to reduce food-deficit first. Besides, this is the first reason for inflation in a country. For this reason, the production rate in a country need to increase and export from other counties. As a result, the price of good s may reduce.

  1. Reduce production cost

The production cost needs to reduce the inflation and price hike. The production cost may reduce by developing better transport facilities,  providing enough raw materials, increasing labor capacity, and developing operational activities. If the production cost reduces, the prices of the goods also reduce, and besides the pressure of inflation may reduce.

  1. Control price hike and adopt rationing systems

The control of price and adopt rationing systems may help to reduce the pressure of inflation. The price of regular goods like rice, oil, vegetables, meat, etc needs to control. Besides, the fair price of daily commodities may ensure   by adopting rationing systems


  1.  Development of transportation systems

The development of better transportation and communication systems can reduce the pressure of inflation. The quick transfer of goods is possible through better communication systems from one country to another country.

  1. Encourage to make more savings

Encourage people to make more savings To reduce the pressure of inflation. When people make more savings and expense less, inflation may reduce.

  1. Adopt financial systems

The government needs o take various financial steps to reduce inflation. The commercial bank needs to reduce its bank loan systems and the supply of money.

  1. Revenue systems

Not only financial policy helps but also revenue policy helps the government to reduce inflation need to flow.  The government mostly depends on Indirect tax . When the indirect tax rate is increased than the price also increased in a country. That’s why the government need o

  1. Invest in quick production

The government invests on quick production to generate money circulation in the market

  1. Direct systems:
  • Set highest price
  • Set up selling center for a fair price
  • Control wages
  • Control price and rationing systems
  • Seized Savings money
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