Social and ethical issues in marketing

Marketers always face some criticism. Sometimes, this criticism is justified but not in a great manner. At that time, it is a big question of Social and ethical issues in marketing. However, critics are claimed that some of the marketing issues hurt them a lot. Besides, it also hurt social values and environmental issues as well. Having a greater excess of information, consumers have easily collected any information regarding any product. So, they have many concerns about marketing and businesses (how the businesses are serving their interests.)

As a result, government agencies and other critics are always accused of some marketing factors. These are harming consumers through high prices, high-pressure selling, shoddy or unsafe goods, planned obsolescence and poor services, and so on.

  1. High prices

Doing much marketing of products is increasing the cost of the producers. So, they are adding these costs and setting a selling price for customers. Sometimes, it may happen in the marketing of goods. However, there are three key points that are responsible for high prices.

  • The high cost of distribution

There are so many greedy middlemen. They are charging high prices from local sellers. Ultimately, this results in a high price of goods. Besides, some intermediaries are inefficient, lack skill, and are poorly run. That’s why; there is a lack of managerial skills to manage inventories. As a result, the consumer has to pay higher prices in terms of distribution costs.

  • High advertising and promotion costs

Because of high advertising and promotional costs, it is unable to set a low price for goods.

  • Excessive mark-ups

Some companies are charging more prices than others. Thus, profits are varying than even the total cost of products.

  1. High-pressure selling

Salespeople are highly trained for high-pressure selling so that they can easily manipulate consumers to buy products. Besides, these salespeople are trying to give no space of thinking anything else about purchasing. This often occurs in insurance, banking services, blood donation, and mostly in unsought products.

  1. Shoddy or unsafe products

    Shoddy or unsafe products lack quality than others. It may be –
  • products are not made well
  • out of expired date
  • unsafe products or unhygienic as well
  1. Provide proper narration by salespeople

We obviously face this problem. Some sellers are trying to hide the defective side of the goods. Besides, they don’t reveal it anymore. However, they don’t provide the right direction whether it is right or wrong for exchange.

  1. Planned obsolescence

Some followed this planned obsolescence for their goods. They are always blaming their products that become obsolete before they need replacement.

  1. Poor service to disadvantaged consumers

Marketers are always targeting profitable customers. Besides, they also provide a better service for them. But they don’t give proper service to rural customers as they are not profitable at all for them.

  1. Materialism

Most marketers are concerned about material possessions. It means that people are judged by what they own rather than what they are. It is like people have smartphones, cars, apartments, branded clothes, etc.

  1. Too few social goods

Marketing is responsible for overselling private goods. This is possible at the expense of public goods. For example, if there are more automobiles it means that the requirements for more parking spaces.

  1. Cultural hazards

The more aggressive marketing is responsible for creating cultural merging and confusion. These advertisements influence us the most. We always see ads all around like through smartphones, TV, radio, electric billboards, and newspaper and magazine ads. These are used to pollute people’s minds with messages of materialism.

  1. Hazards of capitalism

The marketing of any product is a part of society. However, it deals with the concentration of wealth and power. Besides, it clears the social divisions and arises conflict among social groups. So, critics have always criticized these types of marketing.

Finally, we are able to learn the social and ethical issues in marketing. Hope that it is great learning for you and increases your knowledge about the core concept of marketing.

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