Swot analysis of the dairy industries

To know about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the dairy industry, it is important to learn the swot analysis of this industry. let’s see-


Demand: Completely optimistic.

Margins: Quite reasonable, in some case high price charged.

The flexibility of the product mix: Tremendous. With balancing equipment, it is possible to add many product lines.

Availability of raw material: Plentiful. Presently, more than 80 percent of milk created is streaming into the sloppy area, which requires appropriate channelization.

Technical manpower: Huge technical manpower is available at low cost.


Perishability: Pasteurization has conquered this shortcoming somewhat. UHT gives milk life. Most likely, numerous new procedures will pursue to enhance milk quality and broaden its timeframe of realistic usability

Lack of management over yield: In theory, there’s very little management over milk yield. However, enhanced awareness of developments like embryo transplant, insemination, and properly managed agriculture practices, not to mention higher financial gain to rural milk producers ought to mechanically cause improvement in milk yields.

Logistics of procurance: Woes of unhealthy roads and inadequate transportation facility create milk procurement problematic.

But with the overall economic improvement in the country, these problems would also get solved soon.

Problematic distribution: Affirmative, all isn’t well with distribution.

But then if ice creams are sold nearly at each nook and corner, why can’t we have a tendency to sell alternative farm merchandise too?

Moreover, it’s solely a matter of your time before we have a tendency to see the emergence of a chilly chain linking the producer to the icebox at the consumer’s home!

Competition: With such a large number of newcomers entering this industry Competition is harder day by day. But there is hope because the dairy market is sufficiently huge for some to cut out their specialty.


Value expansion: There is an incredible degree for advancements in item improvement, bundling, and introduction. Given beneath are potential zones of significant worth expansion: This will prompt a more prominent nearness and adaptability in the commercial center alongside circumstances in the field of brand building.

Export potential: If we can make a quality product there is a huge market we can enter


Milk vendors, the un-organized sector: Today milk vendors are occupying the pride of place in the industry. Organized dissemination of data concerning the damage that they’re doing to producers and customers ought to see a gentle decline in their importance.

Political instability:  Sometimes, political instability can be a big threat of milk industries.


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