The marketing process of the dairy industry

Marketing process:

The marketing process is very useful for the dairy industry. It is a process that helps the dairy industry in analyzing the opportunities in the market, selecting the target markets, developing the marketing mix, and management of the marketing efforts.

Steps of the marketing process-

  1. Analysis of the opportunity in the market: A producer or an organization needs to analyze the opportunities. These opportunities are related to the needs and wants of the customers. When these are not properly satisfied by the competitors in the market. While initiating the marketing process, a company should focus on the opportunities that would be beneficial in the long run. For this purpose, the company gets help from the marketing information system to get useful information from the market.
  2. Selection of the target market: Selecting the target customer is the most important step in the marketing process. As it is obvious that the company cannot satisfy the whole market. Therefore, it must divide the whole market into different segments. Like segmenting, targeting, and positioning. Then choose the best meets.
  3. Development of the marketing mix: The marketing mix is the set of tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants from the target market.  Besides, The marketing mix is composed of the following four P’s.
  • Product – Any offering of goods or services to the market.
  • Price – The customers paid money to obtain the product.
  • Place – The efforts which ensure the availability of the product in the market to customers.
  • Promotion – The efforts by which the company ensures the sale of products to customers through the better provision of information about the advantages of the product.
  1. Management of marketing efforts: The development marketing program is actually the action phase. It is a suitable marketing mix is set for a target market.  However, The management of marketing efforts has core four functions. They are-
  • Analysis of the Market,
  • Marketing Planning,
  • Market Implementation,
  • Marketing control.

Based on these steps, we divide the firm and food products marketing process below-

  • Dairy farm products:
  1. Analysis of the opportunity in the market:

Firm products mean milk that may be pasteurized or not. In the past time, Goals collects milk and used to visit households every morning with their milk containers to sell fresh milk. And the household used to buy from them. But over the last two to three decades, things have changed a lot.

Because customers demand have been changed. Now, They become more conscious about their health and taking hygiene food. The market analysis found that several industrial processors have emerged. They collect, process, and sell milk and milk products in packaged form with the promise of hygiene and quality.

  1. Selection of the target market:

The selection of the target market for the firm product is not so diversified. People of all regions and ages consumed liquid milk.

  1. Development of the marketing mix:

The product is milk which is an offer to the customer. Price setting of milk is almost the same in all the industries. Companies buy milk from producers at $5. Then process it and distribute it to the wholesaler at $3-4. Wholesaler gives it to retailers at 65-70tk. Finally, customers get at $5. Products are available to the customers. They found their favorite brands’ milk at their convenient place.  After that, Companies do promotional activities for their product. But it’s not a huge one.

  1. Management of marketing efforts:

Management of marketing efforts is maintained by the organizations properly.

  • The farm marketing problem:
  1. Free-rider problem
  2. Cost-price squeeze
  3. Superior bargaining power of the buyer
  4. Changing food market price efficiency
  5. Profit gap between farm and food sectors
  • Dairy food products:
  1. Analysis opportunities of the market:

Dairy food products have different types of the product line. Like- cheese, curd, sweets, ice cream, chocolates, ghee, etc. this product market needs to be analyzed. Knowing the customer’s needs, demand, and want, firms try to fulfill their satisfaction.

  1. Selection of the target market:

Food products need to be segmented, targeted, and positioned.  At present, The demand for cheese and chocolates are not the same. At different ages, people have different types of food. Like, young peoples and children like to have ice-creams and chocolates. Some regions’ people are fond of cheese while others are not.

  1. Development of the Marketing mix:

Products are different. That’s why the price is different from each other. But, the organization always is ensured the availability of products.

  1. Management of marketing efforts:

The organizations properly are maintained the management of marketing efforts.

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