How to engage new users through e-mail marketing campaign?

What is Email marketing?

To advertise a product or service while establishing a relationship with potential customers through email.Customers or clients are known as email marketing. 

It is essentially direct mail delivered electronically rather than via the postal service. Therefore , Email marketing is used to inform, drive sales, and create a brand community (e.g. with a newsletter).Email marketing is when one sends a commercial email message to one’s ’email subscribers’ — people who have signed up for sellers email list and given them express permission to send them (buyers) emails. However, It is an effective way to convert leads into sales by sending personalized emails to targeted audience.

Modern email marketing has moved away from mass mailings that are one-size-fits-all and instead focuses on consent, segmentation, and personalization.

How can engage with new users through e-mail marketing campaign:

There are several ways to engage with new users through e-mail marketing campaign. These are-

  • Thanks subscribers for joining

At first we have to send thank message to our new users. For example : thanks subscribers and Send a discount code / promo code to use to make first purchase from their website.

  • Create clear and compelling subject line

We have to make a clear and compelling subject line. For example: Save on your (customer) first order

  • Know the ideal time to message subscribers

We have to maintain an ideal time to message subscribers. For example: send message in weekdays 9.a.m. rather than weekend 9.a.m.

  • Avoid the no reply sender name

According to HubSpot, most customer do not open emails from unfamiliar senders. For example:

  • Inform subscribers about our company’s private policy

We have to inform subscribers about our company’s private policy. For example: we can request customer to make their experience better please let us inform via email. Besides, we can attach a link to know more about our company’s private policy.

  • Send Personalize emails

Personalization is always personalized .Addressing customers with proper name and designation is really very important for email marketing.

  • Prefer attractive email design

A proper attractive email design is necessary that helps to be eye catchy to customers.

  • Include an unsubscribe link

The most important thing is that attach an unsubscribe batton. If the customers get bother, they can unsubscribe it easily.

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