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Market segment and effective targeting

All consumers are not the same. They are different in their needs, wants and demands. However, there are some other factors that may vary. These are- different backgrounds, education levels, experiences. Therefore, marketers offer different types of alternatives goods that can satisfy the consumer’s desires. As a result, marketers do …

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Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is an important factor for every company. The satisfied and delighted customers keep purchasing the products from the same brands. These types of satisfied customers provide a positive and encouraging word of mouth to others. In contrast, who are not satisfied with the brands can spread …

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Rules regarding delivery

Delivery means the transfer of ownership from one person to another person. It is voluntary dispossession of goods in favor of another. However, The parties determined the mode of possession. Whatever Delivery has three forms. Such as – Actual delivery Actual delivery occurs when goods are delivered. In broadly, when …

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Consumer interpretations of price

Consumer interpretations of price is an important factor in the case of making purchasing decisions. However, Consumers are always run after the low prices products. That’s why there exists a huge competition in the marketplace. Every industry tries to offer better than others. So, having competition, low price can get …

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Customer Value, Satisfaction and Retention

In is article we will discus on Customer Value, Satisfaction and Retention. Customer Value: Customer value means to create superior satisfaction. It is the key concept for building a profitable relationship. In business, it is said that if you satisfied your target customers. If customers get enough satisfaction, they will be …

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Types of demand states with examples

We can see 8 types of demand which are necessary for fulfilling the customer value. Negative demand: Generally, negative demand is created when customers have disliked the product but this product actually useful to them. They try to avoid this product. Customers merely don’t want it. For example, if the …

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