Best platforms to trade options

 What are trading options?

The most crucial component of online options trading is the trading platform. A day in the life of an options trader involves extensive usage of online trading software for trading and observing market activity.

In technical terms, a broker’s “Trading Platform” refers to the suite of trading tools it makes available to its clients to engage in online stock, currency, or commodity options trading. A trading platform is the front-end trading software used by traders. This can be anything from a downloadable trading station to a web-based trading website, an electronic trading app, or even trading application programming interfaces. Additionally, the trading platforms of certain brokers include more sophisticated features such as an options strategy builder, options strategy calculator, trading strategies analysis tools, research instrument, back office, advanced charting, etc.

Most USA online stock brokers provide their clients with a free options trading facility. Using an advanced trading platform or certain features of the platform may incur a subscription charge from some brokers or require the user to keep specific suggestions to balance the trading account.

Options traders should learn as much as possible about the broker’s trading platform before signing up for an account. Your trading needs will dictate the features, tools, and customization choices you need from your trading platform. If the broker’s explanation does not convince you of the trading program, don’t hesitate to ask for a live demonstration.

How Options Work

Valuing option contracts boils down to guessing the outcomes of various price scenarios. The cost of an option that benefits from a specific occurrence would rise as the likelihood of that occurrence increases. For instance, When the stock price rises, the value of a call option does too.

The option’s price goes up in proportion to its volatility. This is because the likelihood of an outcome increases as ambiguity grows. More significant price fluctuations, both upward and downward, are more likely when underlying value volatility is high. The likelihood of an event happening is correlated with the magnitude of the price fluctuations. This is a fundamental connection between the options market and volatility.

Since a stock option is a contract on most U.S. exchanges that provides the right to buy or sell share capital, your total cost to acquire the call option is determined by multiplying the contract premium by 100.

Best platforms to trade options

There are some best trading options platforms. Let’s check on the details.

  • Tastyworkes

Those who are already proficient in trading stocks, options, and futures or looking to improve their skills will find Tastyworks the most helpful resource.

Tastyworks is a trading platform that provides a robust suite of tools for derivatives traders and other types of active traders. While the learning curve on Tastyworks may be steep, the platform’s training resources and market research tools make it worthwhile for novice traders.

The low costs are significant for serious traders, but the lack of account features and investment options makes them unattractive to casual and passive investors. For this reason, while Tastyworks may be an excellent fit for its intended audience of active traders, it is probably not the best choice for casual investors.

Advantages of Tastyworkes

  • Extensive collection of materials and instructional content
  • Benefit from a fully customizable trading environment
  • State-of-the-art resources developed explicitly for options traders

Disadvantages of Tastyworkes

  • The vast number of available options on the platform can be overwhelming to novice traders.
  • Investment options and account perks are restricted.
  • Market news, research, and screeners are absent.

TD Ameritrade

With a comprehensive portfolio that allows all customers to pursue their preferred investing strategy, TD Ameritrade attracts investors of varying experience levels and expertise. With no opening balance requirements and straightforward pricing, even novice investors may get their feet wet. It has unprecedented depth and breadth of content as a learning resource. The sophisticated trading community favors TD Ameritrade’s think or swim platform due to its extensive library of research instruments, screening capabilities, and financial simulators. Despite the lack of support for certain features—such as fractional shares—TD Ameritrade’s platform nevertheless managed to win four of our “best broker” awards.

Advantages of TD Ameritrade

  • Many various types of instructional material are readily accessible.
  • Comprehensive trading materials and tools for any investor
  • A sleek mobile app and web interface
  • Excellent customer service

Disadvantages of TD Ameritrade

  • No option for fractional ownership
  • No in-person Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency trades
  • A participant is not automatically enrolled in the cash sweep program.

Interactive brokers

The most all-encompassing trading platform is Interactive Brokers (IBKR). Clients can trade over 150 markets in stocks, options, futures, currencies, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and funds with a single unified account.

Investors concerned with sustainability may like the Impact Dashboard and accompanying app, which provides tools for assessing holdings from the perspective of SRI. Professional traders and high-net-worth investors interested in advanced technical and fundamental trading tools and in-depth research might benefit from the downloadable Trader Workstation (TWS) software.

When compared to other brokers, Interactive Brokers has the most comprehensive library of assets, research reports, access to global markets, tools, calculators, and educational materials. This diversity of offerings is both a boon and a burden. IBKR contains an overwhelming quantity of high-quality content, and sometimes it might not be easy to wade through it all. The free 3-month trial and unlimited paper trading allow users to test out this full-featured investing broker.

Advantages of interactive traders

  • An unrivaled variety of investing options
  • Reduced margin and commission rates
  • Advantageous order execution
  • Access to a wide variety of technical and fundamental analysis tools
  • Designed to meet the needs of international buyers and sellers

Disadvantages of interactive traders

  • Can be frightening to less experienced or less active investors;
  • IBKR Lite customers do not have access to the SmartRouter


Regarding online brokers, E*TRADE is among the most popular options, as it serves customers of varying levels of experience and expertise. E*TRADE stands out from the crowd because it provides traders with a wide variety of investment options and trading tools across many platforms (desktop, online, and two mobile apps).

Intuitive site navigation and a comprehensive library of learning materials equip new investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Advanced traders have access to various research options, charts, and analysis tools to help them implement their trading strategies.

However, there are several aspects that more experienced investors might assume to be available but aren’t, such as direct cryptocurrency exposure and trading on overseas exchanges. If you’re an investor of any stripe, E*TRADE’s comprehensive platform has you covered.

Advantages of E*trade

  • Wide variety of resources for trading, studying the market and investing
  • Optional pre-made portfolios and a fully automated portfolio construction tool
  • Extensive database of instructional materials
  • Two separately curated mobile apps to suit a variety of consumers’ needs

Disadvantages of E*trade

  • It is forbidden to participate in direct cryptocurrency trading on foreign exchanges or invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Robot advisors and dividend reinvestment plans are the only ways to buy fractional shares.


Webull is an excellent option for novice traders because there is no required minimum account size and no trading fees. Since Webull is not a full-service broker, its clients must independently handle some facets of portfolio management. Webull’s clientele has a younger median age than those of competing brokerages.

Furthermore, active traders will like the broker’s zero-fee structure. Since other brokers, including those that have gone to free stock and ETF transactions like Schwab, still charge commission on each leg of options trades, Webull’s commission-free options trading is sure to attract the attention of avid options traders. There are no stock/ETF/option/cryptocurrency trading fees, which is a huge pro.

Advantages of webull

  • No minimum deposits or fees are required, simple account establishment, and options approval
  • Free, continuously updated quotes in real time
  • You can now buy fractional shares
  • Pre-market and after-hours trading opportunities

Disadvantages of webull

  • No interest is paid on overdrafts
  • Possible relinquishment of execution because of compensation for incoming orders (PFOF)
  • Portfolio management resources are limited.
  • You can’t invest in bonds, stocks, ETFs, FOREX, or futures.

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