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Advantages and disadvantages of AI | Is Artificial intelligence helpful ?

Artificial intelligence is programmed to act like human brains. besides, it is associated with the human mind as decision making and problem-solving. In short, artificial intelligence is machine intelligence which can act like the human brain quickly in computer systems. Some specific application of artificial intelligence are – Natural language …

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The role of insurance in world economy

  Insurance is becoming a vital part of the world economy. Besides, some developed countries like –Germany, France, England, Switzerland are used to use insurance in their regular life. The people of these countries have trust in insurance. So, there are so many insurance companies and people are relying on …

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What is financing?

The theory of financing is very important in the monetary book.  Every economical work of people especially the materials that need most to operate a business is money. Worldly, no production work is possible to execute without money. Finance is the lifeblood of any kind of organization. It is important …

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Sources of finance

Sources of finance are mainly dependent on various circumstances of the organization. Besides, Finance that needed to operate any kind of organizational activity is collected from various sources. However, These sources are mainly divided into two categories. Such as – Internal sources External sources Finance that is provided by any …

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Role/Contribution of share market in industrial capital formation

Share markets are playing an important role in the formation of capital.  Enough capital is very important To keep open and dynamic of new and existing industries. This share market is playing a very important role in the Formation of industrial capital and Financing of the industrial sector. Some contributions …

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Objectives of public expenditure

The prediction of economists regarding expenditure objectives and the mission of public expenditure is expanding gradually. The specialist believes that the good fare of the country lies in expending less and earning less. Historically, it is proved that the economic and social welfare increased by public expenditure. Besides, there are …

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