Advantages and disadvantages of AI | Is Artificial intelligence helpful ?

Artificial intelligence is programmed to act like human brains. besides, it is associated with the human mind as decision making and problem-solving. In short, artificial intelligence is machine intelligence which can act like the human brain quickly in computer systems. Some specific application of artificial intelligence are –

  1. Natural language processing
  2. Expert systems
  3. Machine version
  4. Speech recognition

It mainly focuses on tree cognitive skills. Such as-

  1. Learning

This focuses helps AI to acquire data and create rules for how to turn the data into actionable information. Besides, having algorithms, AI can easily compete for specific tasks step by step by mainlining the instructions.

  1. Reasoning

This focus helps to choose the right algorithms to reach the desired outcome.

  1. Self-correction

This aspect is designed to ensure that they provide the most accurate information as possible.

So, here I gonna discuss some advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Let’s have a look-

Some advantages of Artificial intelligence-

  • Artificial intelligence helps computer systems solving any kinds of new problem
  • By the help of AI we can find out exact information from tons of data.
  • AI helps new and improved internet systems
  • It makes the computer more powerful and useful
  • It has a low error rate compared to humans. Besides, it has great accuracy and speed.
  • It can easily organize and manage records
  • It can detect fraud in card-based systems or e-commerce transaction.
  • Artificial intelligence acts rationally with less or no mistakes
  • It can complete tasks logically without emotions
  • AI helps in playing many video games
  • It interacts with humans with entertainment
  • It can stimulate medical procedure and gives information
  • Besides, it helps better handling of information
  • It relieves information-overloaded
  • Moreover, it helps to the conversion of information into knowledge
  • The main advantages of artificial intelligence is that its need not to sleep or take rest.

Some disadvantages of Artificial intelligence are –

  • Initial setup cost is high.
  • It is very complex for software development. Besides, it is very expensive.
  • There are few experienced programmers and system analyst who are expert or used to with AI
  • Moreover, the few practical products have reached the market as yet.
  • Humans largely depend on AI and losing their mental capabilities
  • It can lead to severe unemployment
  • It can’t work outside of what is programmed for.

So learners, having advantages, AI has so many disadvantages. It is a hyped concept. It has more to do with the ability of the machine. Through this, it can manage volumes of data but it can never replace human intelligence. In the near future, AI has used almost all sectors of society and it will change greatly of human life. Besides, it is playing an important role in the decision making of organizations and business intelligence .

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