Brand Association, Mental Map & Brand Mantra of myself & a Brand named “Lux “

1. Brand association

Brand association means deep feelings that seated in customers mind. Besides, it refers symbols or images that are related with brand. However, it focus on positive feelings regarding brand .

1.1 Brand association of myself

As an individual consider myself as a Brand. Because of having some attributes that come into others mind when they heard my name “Mr. X”. So, according to my assignment, I’ve to identify my Brand association. I can evaluate my brand association by asking some people/friends/relatives-

  • What is the characteristics/thought that comes to your mind on hearing my name?

(For these reasons, I choose few people who’ve minimum ideas about me)

Person 1: (My Granny) Stubborn, kind hearted, perseverance, good girl, well behaved  

Person 2: (My best friend, department of Marketing) easy to manipulated, decision maker, helpful in nature, generosity

Person 3: (Teacher from my college) energetic, ambitious perseverance, hard working, quick learner

Person 4: (One of my classmates) helpful, supportive, good manner, good hearted, focused

Person 5: (My Student from class twelve) punctual, strict, motivational, inspiring, creative mind

Finally interviewing all these people, I got my brand associations.  My brand association is the combination of all these characteristics – helpful, supportive, creative, energetic, ambitious, career oriented, truthful, honest, perseverance, and so on.

1.2 Brand Association of Lux :

Person 1: (Girls) soft touch, beautify, elegant, variations, innovation, creamy perfection, softness

Person 2: (boys) smooth, delicate white flower scene, Swiss moisturizer,

Person 3: (older) precious, perfumed bar, variations

Person 4: (child) soft fragrant skin, glowing skin, refreshes, magical spell,

Person 5: (others) soft, smelly bar, beautify, skin care

Finally these observations, brand association of Lux are – elegant, precious, innovation, trust, soft fragrance, and glowing skin and so on.    

2. Mental Map:

A mental map is a type of graphical presentation of one’s thought. When one’s lay out information visually, you’re able to create a better understanding of concepts than if one were to use traditional note talking methods. Essentially, a man idea branches out into specific topics where content is structured in a way similar to one’s thinking process.

2.1 Mental map of myself:

  • aspirations
  • talents
  • quality of life
  • self awareness
  • self knowledge
  • human capital
  • potentials
  • dreams
  • identity

2.2 Mental map of Lux:

  • nostalgia
  • self confidence
  • trust
  • mild soft
  • inspiration
  • moisturizer
  • emotional attachments

3. Brand mantra:

A brand mantra is the articulation of the heart & soul of the brand. There are three to five word phrases that capture the essence or spirit of the brand positioning. Besides, it can provide three guidance’s about-

  • what products to introduce under a brand,
  •  what ad campaigns to use,
  •  Where and how to sell the brand.

Brand mantra criteria:  There are three criteria of brand mantra. Such as –

  • Communicate: Should state what is unique about the brand.
  • Simplify: It should be memorable – short, crisp and vivid in meaning.
  • Inspire: It should be personally meaningful and relevant.

3.1 Brand mantra of myself:

Brand nameEmotional modifierDescriptive modifierBrand function
Myself (Mr.X)Human beingstudent Learner

3.2 Brand mantra of Lux :

Brand nameEmotional modifierDescriptive modifierBrand function
LuxBeautifycelebritiesSkin care

                                                                       *** The end ***

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