Essential competitors analysis tools in marketing

Competitor analysis tools are very essential for marketing. In maximum time competitor makes thing happen. Because if they make any mistake in the decision of their product, they can lose the competitive advantages in the market. In short, today’s customer seeks for those advantages between two brands. However, check – Interactive communication channels. See the below […]

Why competition is so important in food and agricultural markets?

If you want to find out the answer to this question, “Why competition is so important in food and agricultural markets” then at first you have to know what is competition? Competition means “do something better or new than your competitors”. Besides, competition plays important roles in our life as well as the market economy. […]

F- Commerce, blessing for women entrepreneurs !

We all are familiar with the term E-commerce but most of us are unfamiliar with F Commerce. So, today, I’m Gonna tell you what is F- Commerce and why it is important for us. Let’s start – Facebook is the name of a blessing in disguise. It has changed lives beyond expectations. It has created self-employment, boosted […]

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