F- Commerce, blessing for women entrepreneurs !

We all are familiar with the term E-commerce but most of us are unfamiliar with F Commerce.

So, today, I’m Gonna tell you what is F- Commerce and why it is important for us. Let’s start –

Facebook is the name of a blessing in disguise. It has changed lives beyond expectations. It has created self-employment, boosted confidence, and to the least provided means to connect with our long-lost loved ones. Besides,  F-commerce is enabling women to work from home.

Simply,  F-commerce is the use of Facebook as a platform to conduct business. The primary operations of the business such as selling products and customer management are done via Facebook.

Moreover, F-commerce is now a booming sector for entrepreneurs throughout the country. However, it seems to have benefitted female entrepreneurs. F-commerce is making women financially independent through small online ventures. You can also make the best marketing strategy for a new product by using a Facebook page.

Here, I would like to mention some points about F-commerce and why it is important for us, especially for women. Let’s see.

Work from home

F-commerce enables women to work from their comfort zone, especially in their homes. It saves them from the hassle of traveling or workplace harassment. Besides, It allows them to balance their daily chores and provide sufficient time to look after their families along with running their businesses.

Targeted reach

The success of a business in many ways depends on its marketing activities. At maximum people take up a mass marketing approach. However,  the more precisely a marketing communication reaches its target audience, the better the results. Besides, F-commerce allows entrepreneurs to reach their targeted customers at a bare minimum cost. The online selling arena is diverse. Thus,  there are buyers of both luxury and necessity items.

Low capital requirement

This is the most probably useful factor why F-commerce is important for us. F-commerce businesses require lower capital to start than traditional business ventures. Conducting business online saves the cost of storing inventory, employing sales staff, renting out a place, utilities, etc. An online business can suffice with a laptop, an internet connection, and a smartphone.

Economic advantages

F-commerce has enabled women to earn while working at home. It also creates employment for women. Women are boosting the economy through more significant income and higher spending. They are creating employment opportunities not only for other women employed in F-commerce but also for the entire industry of delivery or courier services. Besides, Delivery service is an essential aspect of customer experience in F-commerce. Due to the rise of F-commerce, Businesses are being reshaped and revamped.

Creative scope

F-commerce allows women to follow their hearts and enrich the creative work field. Consumers who purchase online always demand customized products. That’s why A good number of talented women are taking up this chance to utilize their creative talents. It has also become a way for many to nurture their artistic skills. F-commerce has made it possible for both artists and customers to make their inner desires come true.

Creating new roles

A large number of women are involved in F-commerce. There are numerous Facebook groups designed to facilitate both buyers and sellers. Women in this field are helping each other, reaching out to each other for queries, customer service, vendor selection, delivery service, etc. since the F-commerce industry is female-dominated, women are at ease to seek help and advice from various support platforms consisting of online sellers.

Such platforms also work as online catalogs to display their products or to engage with customers. Such support platforms of Facebook groups have also given rise to Facebook Influencers, who in turn act as marketing agents of online sellers.

F-commerce has flourished due to the increasing number of working women, and the hassles of traffic going shopping. However, it is essential to remember this business is based on trust. Incidents of fraudulent activities in the F-commerce business are not uncommon.

Under such circumstances, for the sector to sustain its growth and profitability and live up to its potential, businesses are to take a professional approach to deal with customers and delivering both products and services.

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