The producer and distributor obligations


The producer and distributor obligations are really important to know. Before knowing the producer and distributor obligations, we need to know about the producer and distributor.

Producer: The producer means a person who produces or manufactures any kinds of product or part of the product. Sometimes, a producer doesn’t produce or manufacture the product but to take assembles part of the product already produced by others. In that case, he can claim this product as his own. However, he can imprint own trademark on the product made or manufactured by others. Besides, he can claim this as his own produced or manufactured product. Moreover, he can import or distribute these products in any country.

Distributor:  The distributor means a person who is a specialist in supply chain management.  Besides, his activities don’t affect the safety of the product. Distributor may include wholesalers, retailers, agents, and auctioneers. However, auctioneers are not producers or distributors of the products.

In a word, a person who makes available products in the marketplace for the use of a consumer considered a distributor. Further, he is ready to deliver his service at consumers demand.Whatever, let’s see the producer and distributor obligations are discussed below.

  • Producers Obligation

A producer has some specific duties to place on goods in the market.  It is his primary duty. However, he has some other duties. Such as –

  1. Obviously, he needs to provide some relevant information regarding the goods so that customers can know everything about the product.
  2. He should inform consumers to access the risks inherent in a product in a foreseeable period which is not visible to the user.
  3. For this, precautions are taken to avoid these risks.
  4. Whatever he supplies needs actually measurement with the characteristics of the products.
  5. Appropriate action is taken for protecting the products from damages.
  • Distributors Obligation

A distributor is mainly responsible for delivering a safety product. That’s why he needs to concern about the products that he supplies are safe for all. In particular, his duty is to maintain the products safely otherwise it may damages rather than producing a safe product. However, he has some obligations. Let’s see –

  1. Documentation is maintained for ensuring product safety.
  2. He is responsible for passing information to the customers provided by producers about product risks.
  3. Also passing back to producers safety complaints, information, and experiences on safety-related matters
  4. He is very cooperating with the authorities and others in the supply chain in taking action to avoid risks and remove risks.

Finally, we understand the producer and distributor obligations. Both are responsible for any mistake or wrongful act in case of product safety.

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