The Promotion Mix

What is the promotion mix?

If a company wants to build a good customer relationship, it needs to develop a good product. Besides, It also needs to make pricing attractive, & make it available to target customers. A company must promise to deliver the right value propositions to customers. In this case, companies need good communication that’s important to building & maintaining a good relationship with customers. It is called “The Promotion Mix”.

The promotion mix

The promotion mix is the total mix of marketing tools that are persuasively used to communicate with the customer to deliver the right value & build customer relationships. The major promotion tools are –

  1. Advertising
  2. Sales promotion
  3. Personal selling
  4. Public relations
  5. Direct marketing


Advertising is a paid form of the non-personal marketing communications mix. An identified sponsor firm present & promotes the ideas of goods & services. Besides, Advertising can easily reach those geographically dispersed buyers. TV advertising can reach huge audiences. Because every family has a TV set. Thus, Advertising repeatedly sends the same message to the viewers. However, enhance yourself by learning market leader strategies.

Sales promotion

It is a short-term incentive that is given to encourage the sale of a product or service.  Sales promotion includes –

  • Coupons
  • Contests
  • Discounts
  • Premiums & others

All of this has unique qualities. Because they can attract customer attention. It is used for inviting & rewarding quick responses.  Advertising says that “Buy our product “, whereas sales promotion says, “Buy it now “. Sales promotion is only effective for short-lived but advertising or personal selling is effective for long-term building relations with customers & brand preferences. Let’s explore – Pricing strategies in marketing.

Personal selling

Personal selling is the most effective tool. Because here salespeople face to face deal with the customers. Salespeople learn about the buyer’s preferences, convictions & actions. Besides, This process is a personal interaction between seller & buyer, so here each person can observe the other’s behavior, needs, and Characteristics & make quick adjustments. Further, It also allows us to build up a good relationship with all types of customers. An effective salesperson tries hard to hold the customer’s interests at heart to build a good relationship. Finally, in this way, the consumer feels a greater need to listen & respond.

Public relations

Public relation means building up good relations with the company & its various publics. Public relation tries to obtain favorable publicity, maintain a good corporate image & handing off unfavorable rumors, stories, or events. It is very believable than ads. Besides, PR creates news stories, features, sponsorships & events that seem more real to customers. Public relations campaigns can be very effective & economical. Explore – Interoperability in digital marketing

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a direct connection with targeted customers. It helps both obtain an immediate response & cultivate a long-lasting relationship with them. There are many forms of direct marketing like direct mail, direct catalogs, online marketing, mobile marketing, etc. this marketing is for the public. Besides, It is normally directed at a specific person & it’s immediate & customized. Massages are designed for specific customers. Hence, It allows for a dialogue between the customer & marketing team; then effective communication occurred. Thus it is well suited for the highly targeted customer.

Along with the promotional mix, let’s explore – the marketing mix.

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