What are the Characteristics of the mixed economic system?

It is a common misconception that a mixed economy is a hybrid of capitalism and socialism. In existence, it’s an economic model in which the government controls some or most of the process of production. The ownership percentage varies from country to country, but the government typically controls important industries like utilities, transportation, and communication networks.
However, Due to demographics and technological advancements, the United States has transformed from a capitalist economy to a mixed economy. In this article, I will discuss the characteristics of the mixed economy in the USA. Explore – Conditions of existence of a market economy.
So, let’s check out some characteristics of a mixed economy. The main characteristics of the mixed economy are described below:

  1. Personal property ownership
    Personal ownership is recognized on the property and other materials of production under a mixed economy. Under a mixed economy, every person can enjoy possession of the property and transfer it to others. But private ownership is set an upper limit in the case of special properties like agricultural land residential land in town etc.
  2. Public sector
    The public initiative is needed for operating investment in a very important sector under a mixed economy. The national security sector and important organizations are Operating and controlling the primary and heavy industry in the country under public ownership.
  3. Private sector
    The establishment of various business organization and small enterprise are done by private initiative along with government investment under a mixed economy. But the government has indirect control over the private sector.
  4. Public and private Initiative with ventilation
    Another characteristic of a mixed economy is Public and private Initiatives with ventilation. There are both public and private initiatives in the mixed economy. Both sectors cooperate with each other in this economy. However, check out – the role of insurance in the world economy.
  1. Effectiveness of price systems in a mixed economy
    The price system is effective in a mixed economy. But this price system is not playing a key role in controlling economic activities like a capitalistic economy. Production and consumption are controlled by economic planning under a mixed economy. That’s why; the role of price systems in a mixed economy is comparatively lower than in a capitalistic economy.
  2. Consumer sovereignty
    The consumers are sovereign in a mixed economy. The production is based on consumers’ choice and consumers can buy whatever they like. Besides, the government can control the production and consumption of any kind of goods.
  3. Presence of profit
    Private profit is recognized in a mixed economy. The private initiative is operating for profit. The government can take the necessary steps to control the price and profit for the sake of the public.
  4. Economic planning
    Economic planning is taken on the national stage in a mixed economy. How much amount of investment is needed in which sector is clearly stated in this planning? Besides, the functions of government initiatives are directly controlled in this planning. And the activities of the private sector are indirectly controlled.
  5. Personal freedom
    In the case of selection of occupation and economic initiative, the person can get full freedom in a mixed economy. Besides, the production systems are operating under personal choices and wishes. Moreover, they freely take part in any kind of activity.
  6. Protection of labor interest
    The government can take various steps to protect the interest of labor in a mixed economy.  The government can protect them by setting minimum wages, and fair working hours, solving industry disputes, etc.
  7. Social control.
    Another characteristic of a mixed economy is social control over the functions of the private economy. The government can directly control private initiatives by nationalized them if needed. Besides, he can impose rules and regulations to control private initiatives.

Finally, hope you will get a clear concept of the characteristics of a mixed economy. Along with this, let’s explore – Characteristics of the socialistic economy.

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