What is artificial intelligence ? Definition ,Types and uses of AI

What is artificial intelligence ( AI )

In maximum time, when people learn about Artificial intelligence, they usually think about robots. Initially, they believe that it can work more quickly than human being and quickly responds in any kind of problem solving .

So, now we need to understand what is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the human intelligence in machine.  It typically programmed to act like human brains and mimic their actions accordingly.  However , AI associated with human mind such as thinking and problem solving .
The main characteristics of Artificial intelligence is ability of rationalize. Besides,  it take actions that have the best chance of achieving specific goals.

AI  is actually based on the principle human intelligence. It can easily mimic human intelligence and complete tacks simple to more complex.

As technologies are getting updated, the previous Artificial intelligence is getting outdated. For example : the previous Artificial intelligence was recognize optimal characters or basic functions to execute tasks. But now, that is no longer . Today’s computer’s functions are taken for granted as an inherent computer functions.

Many different industries are using AI technologies for getting more benefits.It’s Become one of  the most important part of business intelligence . Some uses of Artificial intelligence are –

  • Using in health care industries for dosing drugs
  • Different treatment in patients
  • Surgical treatment in operating room
  • Use in online game
  • Financial industries also used it
  • Debit ad usage and large amount deposits
  • Help streamline and make trading easier

There are two types of Artificial intelligence. Such as –

1. Weak Or Narrow Artificial intelligence :

It embodies in a system designed to carry out one particular job , narrow job or small task .  For example : Video games

2. Strong Artificial intelligence:

It embodies in systems that are designed to carry on the tasks considered to be human – like. Strong Artificial intelligence is very complex and complicated systems. This is programmed to handle situations without the intervene of person to solve problem. Strong AI systems are found in hospital operating rooms or self driving car.
Day- by- day , Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly . Simply, Artificial intelligence portrays as robots with human like characteristics . Besides, It can encompasses anywhere as like Google’s search algorithms to  IBM’s Watson . Moreover, It can perform both weak and strong systems accordingly.

Along with some benefits, there are some risks of Artificial intelligence. This is not universal truth that Artificial intelligence brings only benevolent to us . Besides, It can be malevolent to some extent. Let’s see –

  • Programmed to do something devastating :
    Artificial intelligence works as a weapon to kill . In the hands of wrong person, Artificial intelligence can cause mass causalities.
  • Programmed to do something beneficial but it develops a destructive method for achieving it:
    This is happened when we fail to design Artificial intelligence accurately to perform a task.

Historically, four different approaches define the field of Artificial intelligence. These are –

  • Thinking humanly
  • Thinking rationally
  • Acting humanly
  • Acting rationally

So , finally we all are learn everything about  Artificial intelligence. Check it To know about advantage and disadvantage of AI

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