Differences between commercial and social marketing


It is also known as “the marketing concept” because of its focus on the client’s needs. A consumer-oriented organization is contrasted with a manufacturing, product, or sales-oriented organization. – Focusing on the seller’s needs rather than the buyer’s, these orientations (Kotler 1988 ). In contrast, a focus on the customer seeks profits by identifying customer needs, developing products and services to suit these needs, and pricing, packaging, promotion, and distribution according to consumer habits, desires, and expectations. Not telling peoples what to do isn’t the problem; it’s what you can provide them that will compel them to take action.”


As a fundamental difference between social and commercial marketing, social marketing initiatives are often not focused on the demands of consumers but rather on the needs identified by experts. It’s true what they say. Rather than focusing on illness prevention and rehabilitation, communities may prefer to spend money on hospitals and more brutal jails. Furthermore, despite epidemiological data to the contrary, a government may commit a significantly more significant amount of money to anti-drug efforts since most of the population believes drug-taking to be a far more essential issue. When it comes to allocating scarce public funds, the opinions of government professionals and those of numerous particular interest organizations and public opinion polls are taken into consideration. Learn the basic understanding of Social Marketing.

Public participation and building community ability to address problems and interact with public leaders are top priorities for the Center for Public Engagement Advances in the United States. Donation of Organs and the Attitude of the Public: When and how you make your request, as well as the information you provide and the time you take to make your decision are all important considerations. Regardless of who sets the priorities, a marketing strategy stresses tailoring messages, products, and services to meet the wants and needs of the target audience. Content of a letter, for example. Exceptional Work Customers are valued when they are treated with respect.

In today’s world, “social marketing” and “media advertising” are often used interchangeably. Besides, Information is the primary product of a social marketing effort. To be sure, media usage is just one part of a larger marketing strategy. However, the development and service must be tailored to fit the customer’s requirements. Therefore, this product must be suitably packed and priced. You need to be able to get to it quickly.Hence, It should be possible to test it out (If significant commitment is required).There must be a network of intermediaries in place.

Parents, for example, need to use more than simply advertising to influence their children’s conduct; they need to use more than that.

There must be community-based programs and techniques; parenting courses must be produced; self-instruction materials must be made available. Whatever, the activities advocated must be ‘do-able’ or ‘learn-able, and the resources must be easily accessible and inexpensive.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of marketing. Because of this, the finance department is affected by the prices customers are willing to pay along with

  • how they prefer to pay (online, check, credit card, cash),
  • and what terms of credit people desired;
  • the production department is affected by the selected product varieties and packaging;
  • the transport and distribution departments are affected by where customers want to buy the product.

Marketing therefore permeates or should all areas of an organization. A company’s success or failure depends on its customers’ satisfaction with its products and services. Learn types of social marketing.

Even though it’s hard to pin down exactly who they are, every company has consumers. Customers’ long-term pleasure is the only thing that matters to any business. Besides, there is a marketing process in every organization. Still, the most critical duties are not necessarily handled by a marketing department or person but by front-counter workers, phone answering, or delivery staff.

Differences between commercial and social marketing

Social and commercial marketing are two distinct approaches to marketing. An method known as “social marketing” refers to a long-term and cost-effective strategy for changing people’s social behaviors. As opposed to this approach, commercial marketing involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s goods and services by emphasizing the value they provide. There are major differences between commercial and social marketing. For profit, commercial marketers try to influence consumers’ purchase decisions. For the greater good of the community or society, social marketers try to influence people’s actions.

  • Product

It’s all about selling people on the idea that they should do something specific. Commercial marketing, on the other hand, aims to make a profit by promoting physical goods and services.

  • Target

People who can influence, make or support a change in community behavior are the focus of social marketing, while consumers are the focus of commercial marketing.

  • Objective

As a result, social marketing focuses on promoting good social change, while commercial marketing focuses on gaining money via the sale of items and services.

  • Funding

Commercial marketing, as contrast to social marketing, is supported entirely by the business sector.

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