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The contents of a marketing plan

The marketing managers need to set up various levels of marketing plan for individual products , lines, brands, channels and customers groups.  Each product levels develop a single marketing plan for achieving its goal. So, a precise marketing plan is needed for it . Marketing plan is the written form …

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Brand Association, Mental Map & Brand Mantra of myself & a Brand named “Lux “

1. Brand association Brand association means deep feelings that seated in customers mind. Besides, it refers symbols or images that are related with brand. However, it focus on positive feelings regarding brand . 1.1 Brand association of myself As an individual consider myself as a Brand. Because of having some …

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The market and demand analysis

At first, we need to estimate the potential size of the market for the product. After that, we need to get an idea about the market share that is likely to be capture. The market and demand analysis is related to two broad issues. What’s the aggregate demand for the …

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How to implement Artificial intelligence (AI) in small business in the USA

Are you thinking about science fiction or movies machine character? You may be astonished at watching these characters and how can they act smarter ways than humans. So now tell me how could this possible? Is these genius character blessing or curse to us? However, you probably heard the term …

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