What are the Core concepts of marketing?

Core marketing concepts are- Needs wants, and demands Target markets, positioning, and segmentation Offerings and brands Value and satisfaction Marketing channels Competition Marketing environment Needs Need is something that is essential or very important or an obligation. In terms of marketing, need states felt of deprivation of something. The need may vary from person to […]

Essential competitors analysis tools in marketing

Competitor analysis tools are very essential for marketing. In maximum time competitor makes thing happen. Because if they make any mistake in the decision of their product, they can lose the competitive advantages in the market. In short, today’s customer seeks for those advantages between two brands. However, check – Interactive communication channels. See the below […]

The major types of retailers & their role in the marketing distribution channel

Retailing Retailing is a business activity in which products & services sell directly to the final consumers for their personal use. We all know about Wal-Mart, Costco, best buy, Target, etc retailers. They operate the retailing business. Retailer A person who operates a retailing business is commonly known as a retailer. In most marketing channels, […]

Price Adjustment Strategies for Business

Usually, the company needs to adjust its pricing for various customer differences & customer changing situations. Here, we’ll discuss the seven various price adjustment strategies. Have a look – Discount & Allowance pricing Segmented pricing Psychological pricing Promotional pricing Geographical pricing Dynamic pricing International pricing  However, enhance yourself by learning market leader strategies. Discount & Allowance […]

Price Changes : Customers and Competitors’ Reaction

When companies develop their pricing structures & strategies, they wanted to see the customer’s & competitors’ reactions. There’re some factors that affect the cut-off price & increase of price.  Initiating price changes:   Sometimes, companies try to find out the desirable price cut-off or price increase but in both cases, it depends upon the buyer’s & […]

The Holistic marketing concept with examples

Is it difficult to implement The Holistic marketing concept in the contest of the leading MNC (multinational company)?The answer is – It is difficult but possible! The Holistic marketing concept refers to everything that matters in marketing. It has four parts. Internal marketing: Internal marketing is related to hiring, training, and motivating employees. So that […]

The Promotion Mix

What is the promotion mix? If a company wants to build a good customer relationship, it needs to develop a good product. Besides, It also needs to make pricing attractive, & make it available to target customers. A company must promise to deliver the right value propositions to customers. In this case, companies need good communication […]

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