What is an integrated marketing communications program?

What is integrated marketing communications? IMC is the process of integrating marketing communication elements such as public relations, social media, audience analytics, business development principles, and advertising into a coherent brand identity across many media channels. What is an integrated marketing communications program? Using a communications model as the foundation for advertising and marketing programs. […]

Customer relationship management

Table of contents 1. Definition of Customer Relationship Management 2. Components of CRM Planning   3. CRM Information Applications   4. Implementation of Customer Relationship Management   5. CRM Implementation Requirements   6. CRM Implementation Building Blocks     7. Managing CRM Projects   Definition of Customer Relationship Management A customer relationship management is a […]

Marketing Research and Competitive Intelligence

Marketing Research in MIS and DSS: What Is It Good For? The systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information for use in marketing decision-making were some of the terms we used to define marketing research earlier. This information is incorporated into the company’s marketing information system through marketing research and other methods […]

Ethics in Marketing Research

Many aspects of marketing research have ethical ramifications that should be taken into consideration. Commercial (i.e. for-profit) firms, such as independent research organizations (external suppliers) or divisions within corporations, generally conduct marketing research, as previously explained (internal suppliers). Commercial clients account for the vast majority of marketing research projects. Marketing research can suffer from a […]

Careers in Marketing Research

Marketing research firms such as – Nielsen Co., Burke, Inc., and The Kantar Group usually offer promising job prospects. At present, Careers in companies and non-profits with in-house marketing research departments (e.g. Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, etc.) are also appealing. Some of the biggest names in advertising, like BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, and Young & […]

The Marketing Research Process

There are six steps in the marketing research process as we see it. Have a look – Step 1: Defining the Issue An important first step in any marketing research project is defining the issue. When it comes to identifying the issue, the researcher must consider the study’s purpose, as well as any relevant background […]

Importance of Marketing Research

What is marketing research? Marketing research includes: Marketing opportunities and problems are identified and defined. Developing and evaluating marketing campaigns. Keeping track of marketing results. Marketing as a process can be better understood by the public. Marketing research specifies the information needed to address these issues, designs the method for collecting data, manages and implements […]

Which marketing option is best for influencing consideration?

Which marketing option is best for influencing consideration? Ans: Custom Intent What is custom intent? The Custom Intent targeting option is the most effective for influencing decision-making. However, by Using display or YouTube video ad campaigns, Google’s “custom intent audiences” product enables advertisers to reach people who are actively searching for specific topics or solutions […]

How Marketing can Bring about a more Peaceful World

To promote peace, what does one mean? The goal of peace marketing is to change people’s behaviors. At the same time, it change attitudes, and habits for the betterment of society, not just for the benefit of the individual who is marketing. Precisely what is “peace marketing,” and how does it differ from other marketing? […]

Housing Market

Housing market – what does it imply? When it comes to industry supply and demand, the housing market serves as a good case study. Home prices often rise when demand for property is high but supply is limited. Besides, Homeowners may drop their asking prices if there is an oversupply of houses on the market. […]

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