SMS marketing for hotels

What is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing involves sending promotional campaigns or transactional communications for marketing objectives using text messages (SMS) . People who have agreed to receive text messages from your company should primarily expect to receive time-sensitive offers, updates, and notifications via these texts.

Does marketing via SMS even make a difference?

Seventy percent of consumers also think that text message advertising works well. It’s better for businesses if you communicate with them in the method they prefer to be shared. In addition to these three fantastic advantages, SMS marketing is very cheap and straightforward to implement. Learn – integrated marketing communication.

Exactly why is it crucial to utilize SMS advertising?

Using short message service (SMS) marketing, you may keep in touch with your clients regularly, guaranteeing a pleasant and lasting relationship. An SMS campaign can be a powerful tool for fostering lasting relationships with your clientele because they appreciate feeling special. Explore – Marketing Automation Strategies

How wide distinct varieties of short message service advertising are there?

Various Forms of Short Message Service Advertising are –

  • The inclusion of discounts and special offers in advertisements.
  • Discount codes are sent to your phone via text message.
  • Promotional contests in which entrants can win prizes by texting a keyword.
  • Fast-moving sales events; flash sales.
  • Loyalty schemes.
  • Notifications and alerts. Learn – Blockchain Business Development

The future of short message service (SMS) advertising.

In the future, SMS marketing will be more tailored to each customer, provide more opportunities for interaction between the brand and its customers, and fit more naturally into people’s daily routines.

In what ways may hotel SMS marketing help?

There are several ways like-

  • Guest Involvement

Whether a guest is there on business or vacation, they will devote their full attention to enjoying their time at your establishment. Greeting someone with an enthusiastic “hello” can do wonders for laying the groundwork for a lasting friendship. However, some danger is involved in sending hotel SMS messages to guests. To avoid annoying your guests, keep a close eye on how things are going. Below is more on that topic and other ways to captivate your audience. Learn more on – High ticket digital marketing

  • Revenue Growth

Having a way to communicate with guests directly is a powerful asset that can boost in-house sales. Pre-arrival upgrade messages, app download promotions, and late check-out alerts are all great methods to increase incremental income while engaging with your visitor individually. Still, the best strategy will depend on your specific needs.

  • Successful Track Record

A hotel’s day-to-day operations might be vastly enhanced, as in this case, using an SMS marketing campaign. For instance, Fuel implemented a notification for guests to complete a post-stay survey before they left. The findings were conclusive. Until a text campaign was launched, the resort would get about 2.6 guest surveys daily via email. The property’s survey response rate doubled to 10 per day when it began sending out SMS messages with a clickable link. Learn – Interoperability in digital marketing

  • Affordability

Twilio is a text message system that can be integrated with your email platform and activated the same way an email may. The nominal starting price is less than a penny (0.0075 cents). This is a cheap way to interact with your guests compared to what an SMS marketing campaign for hotels would have cost a few decades ago. Take some – Glowforge business ideas.

Why Should the Hospitality Industry Embrace SMS Marketing?

The hotel’s employees may reach current and potential customers where they spend the most time—on their mobile devices—by sending those hotel SMS messages. More than eighty-four percent of Smartphone owners use their Smartphones to research destinations, make travel arrangements (including hotel and flight reservations), and shoot photos while on the road.

Explore what is Digital advertising

Despite the prevalence of hotel and hospitality-related messaging apps, investing in this form of promotion is prohibitively expensive. Consumers are also often hesitant to download yet another mobile app. Mobile texting in the hospitality business allows instantaneous, one-on-one communication with customers using a medium they are already familiar with, rather than intrusive phone calls.

  • Messages That Require A User To Opt In

A hotel’s ability to deliver mobile marketing communications to guests relies on their guests’ willingness to opt in via text message. To comply with SMS compliance rules like the TCPA, businesses must obtain specific written consent. Learn everything about – The freer the market, the freer the people

We appreciate you choosing to receive messages from [Hotel Name] and would want to say “hello” and “thank you” to you, “First Name.” If you wish to subscribe, please respond with a positive answer.

  • Hello, and welcome, New Client!

Set up automatic text messages to be sent to new guests. Inform them of forthcoming events at the hotel, remind them of their reservations, and tell them about area restaurants and attractions.

Thank you for choosing [Hotel Name] as your lodging of choice, [First Name]! You can begin your trip planning by viewing a list of area eateries that we have posted on our website. [Link]  Explore more on – Digital Marketing White Paper

  • Receipts of Confirmed Reservations

If your hotel’s restaurant is frequently packed, you can use your SMS marketing platform to confirm reservations. Automated communications can be sent out in advance instead of direct calls to guests, freeing up staff time to tend to other matters.

Hello, this is [Employee Name] from the [Hotel Name]! For the dates of July 1–3, I’ve reserved a standard room for you. Replying “YES” to this mail will confirm your reservation.

  • Replies from the Concierge

It’s likely that the concierge staff at your establishment field numerous inquiries that are essentially identical every single day. Guests can get instantaneous responses to any questions using SMS marketing for hotels. Save time by having your concierge save regularly sent messages as templates or setting up automated replies for specified phrases.

Good day, [First Name]. It’s [Employee Name] from the [Hotel Name] concierge desk. I’ve compiled a list of vegetarian eateries in the neighborhood, with prices ranging from cheap to expensive: [Link]

  • In-Room Service Requests

Room service orders are only one example of how hotels can benefit from implementing SMS marketing. You can save time by having visitors send in room service requests via text instead of calling the front desk.

Thank you for your room service order, [First Name], at [Hotel Name]! In roughly 20 minutes, you may expect to get your room service order.

  • For Valet Service:

Hotels and restaurants have always offered valet parking as a convenience service for their patrons, but on busy days, the return time for visitors’ vehicles can be lengthy. Hotels could benefit from mobile texting by allowing guests to pre-send valet orders, cutting down on wait times for guests.

Thank you for submitting your valet request, [First Name]. Ten minutes from now, you’ll be able to pick up your car. – In [Hotel Chain], we trust!

  • Discounted Spa Services

SMS text message marketing can also cross-sell and up-sell to guests. Spa packages with a discount or free upgrades, for instance, would be a great exclusive for SMS customers to enjoy.

Your spa appointment at [Hotel Name] is tomorrow at 9 a.m., and my Name is [First Name]. Book any of our spa packages and receive a complimentary 30-minute foot massage! Here’s a link to some great spa deals:

  • Discounted Meals at Local Eateries

The recipients of your text message blast can be reached quickly and easily, especially if they are constantly checking their phones. Sending out text messages to your subscriber list is a great way to promote future in-house food and drink deals and increase guest engagement with your establishment using an SMS marketing platform.

Suppose you want to send more personalized texts, such as welcome greetings, to business travelers. In that case, you can divide your SMS marketing list into subsets and use those subsets to deliver targeted messages.

Hello [First Name], [Hotel Bar Name] is offering 50% off all appetizers and well drinks from 5 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. [Resort Name]

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