Four Steps of company-wide strategic planning with a full explanation

Most successful companies developed strongly customer-driven marketing strategies and programs that create customer value and relationships. Every organization has its own marketing plan. But most companies are guided by the following Four Steps of Strategic Planning & programs that must be customer focused. 1. Defining Marketing’s role: Each organization and company developed a plan for […]

Why should you go for insurance?

Insurance is a very vital element of life. It is the only method to protect yourself and your family from financial loss if anything unfortunate occurs. Many people are afraid to get insurance because they believe they will need it less often than others. This is not realistic, since everyone needs some type of protection […]

Different channel design decisions in marketing

What is Channel Design Decision in Marketing?Channel design is a strategy for moving and distributing goods and services from the producer to the consumer. A channel is defined as “a series of interconnected firms or individuals through which a product or service moves from one person or firm to another.”  Besides, Channel design is often […]

Business continuity strategy

The developing preventative and restoration strategies to address possible hazards to an organization are referred to as business planning process. Although it can be neglected, the preparation for the unforeseen is an indispensable step in business strategy. One of the challenging tasks is contingency planning strategies, also known as disaster recovery planning. These unpredictable circumstances […]

Working your way up from the rural and remote village in USA

Working your way up from the rural and remote village, setting up a small business is not always easy. You have to know about your surroundings. One needs to study well about other establishments there. The business owner must have sharp mindsets and sell their products and produces in good prices. You do not have […]

Impact of Political climate for Global Marketers in USA

As an Organic product’s importer, we must take into account USA’s political climate, which includes nation states and sovereignty, political risks, taxes, and the seizure of assets, all of which could have an impact on our business.Lets have a look for “Impact of Political climate for Global Marketers in USA”- i. Nation states and sovereignty, USA […]

Digital advertising for organic product

In this article you will learn what is digital advertising and it’s importance. We will also learn Why our organic product brand should use to with digital advertising ? The organic industry is experiencing tremendous growth as a result of the rising popularity of organic and all-natural products. As a result, the need for organic products’ marketing and advertising to stand out is increasing as […]

Definition of Business intelligence -Importance with Example

What is business intelligence ( BI  Definition )? Well, it’s quite important to understand the importance of business intelligence for all business graduates. Okay, I m going to describe what is business intelligence and why it is important for business people. Business intelligence is the process of technology for analyzing data and interpreting actionable information. […]

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